The basic champion of the 2022 Astronomy Digital Photographer of the Year competition was this photo of Comet Leonard, described as “Interference Celebration.” (Photo credit rating: Gherard Rhemann)

Change Oct. 13 11:40 a.m. EDT: The one-of-a-kind champion of the Sir Patrick Moore Reward for Greatest Newbie was considered disqualified, as well as a brand-new champion has actually been called. This item has actually depended on day to reproduce the new champion’s access.

A flare in last year’s brightest comet covered access in an astronomy digital photographer competition.

Gas gushing off the tail of Comet Leonard obtained the greatest reward of the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Digital photographer of the Year competition for 2022. Comet Leonard got into things early this year after rounding the solar, nevertheless not earlier than creating a drawn-out tail merely seen in beginner pictures.

The champion, Gerald Rhemann, can be included amongst the lots of prime course participants on the Nationwide Maritime Gallery (opens up in brand-new tab) in Greenwich, U.Okay. in a display opening Saturday (Sept. 17).

In images: Outstanding pictures of Comet Leonard within the night skies

“Rhemann’s unbelievable image of Comet Leonard, a long-period comet very first acknowledged in January 2021, was recorded by the Austrian digital photographer in Namibia on Xmas Day,” the observatory recognized, consisting of the selection to honor Rhemann the greatest reward was consentaneous.

“This honor is amongst the highlights of my astrophotography job. All the difficulty that entered into making this image a hit was cost it,” included Rhemann in the similar assertion.

The competitors got above 3,000 access from 67 countries as well as you might see the greatest selectees in every course under.

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Earths, Comets & Asteroids

“Interference Celebration” (Photo credit rating: Gherard Rhemann)

Gherard Rhemann (Austria) with Interference Celebration (Champion as well as General Champion)

Damian Peach (UK) with The Jovian Home (Jogger Up)

Lionel Majzik (Hungary) with Planetary Rose (Incredibly Counseled)


“Stabbing right into destiny” (Photo credit rating: Zihui Hu)

Zihui Hu (China) with Stabbing Into destiny (Champion)

Abhijit Patil (U.S.A.) with Badwater Milky Method (Jogger Up)

Filip Hrebenda (Slovakia) with The Night Highway (Incredibly Counseled)

People & Residence

“The Worldwide Residence Terminal Transiting Harmony Base” (Photo credit rating: Andrew McCarthy)

Andrew McCarthy (U.S.A.) with The Worldwide Residence Terminal Transiting Harmony Base (Champion)

Mikhail Minkov (Bulgaria) with Once Again to the Spacecraf (Jogger Up)

Hannah Rochford (UK) with Equinox Moon as well as Glastonbury Tor


“Within the Embrace of a Inexperienced Lady” (Photo credit rating: Filip Hrebenda)

Filip Hrebenda (Slovakia) with Within the Embrace of a Inexperienced Lady (Champion)

Fred Bailey (Canada) with Hazy Unskilled River (Jogger Up)

Akexander Stepanenko (Russia) with Winged Aurora (Incredibly Counseled)


“Majestic Sombrero Galaxy” (Photo credit rating: Utkarsh Mishra, Michael Petrasko as well as Muir Evenden )

Utkarsh Mishra (India), Michael Petrasko (U.S.A.) as well as Muir Evenden (U.S.A.) with Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (Champion)

Mark Hanson (U.S.A.) as well as Mike Selby (Thailand) with Arp 271 “Planetary Accident” (Jogger Up)

Mathew Ludgate (New Zealand) with SMC as well as the Magellanic Bridge (Incredibly Counseled)

Our moon

“Darkness Account of Plato’s East Edge” (Photo credit rating: Martin Lewis)

Martin Lewis (UK) with Darkness Account of Plato’s East Edge (Champion)

Andrea Vanoni (Italy) with Moon: Significant Mosaic (Jogger Up)

Noah Kujawski (U.S.A.) with An Eclipse From a Thousand Sundowns (Incredibly Counseled)

Our solar

“A Year within the Solar” (Photo credit rating: Soumyadeep Mukherjee )

Soumyadeep Mukherjee (India) with A Year within the Solar (Champion)

Stuart Inexperienced (UK) with Image electric Snake pit (Jogger Up)

Miguel Claro (Portugal) with A Big within the Solar’s Arm or leg (Incredibly Counseled)

Stars as well as galaxies

“The Eye of God” (Photo credit rating: Weitang Liang)

Weitang Liang (China) with The Eye of God (Champion)

Martin Cohen (UK) with What a Flaming Celebrity! (Jogger Up)

Péter Feltóti (Hungary) with The Centre of the Coronary heart Galaxy (Incredibly Counseled)

Younger Astronomy Digital Photographer of the Year

“Andromeda Galaxy, The Next-door Neighbor” (Photo credit rating: Yang Hanwen as well as Zhou Zezhen )

Yang Hanwen as well as Zhou Zezhen (China) with Andromeda Galaxy, The Neighbor (Champion)

Peter Szabo (Hungary) with Mineral Moon Mosaic (Incredibly Counseled)

Saahil Sinha (U.S.A.) with A Rainbow Rose (Incredibly Counseled)

Julian Shapiro (U.S.A.) with The Crab Galaxy in Hydrogen as well as Oxygen

The Annie Maunder Reward for Digital Advancement

“Image electric Tree” (Photo credit rating: Pauline Woolley )

The Sir Patrick Moore Reward for Greatest Newbie

“The Coronary heart of the Coronary heart,” an image of galaxy Melotte 15. (Photo credit rating: Hannah Rochford)

Editor’s observe: This tale depended on day at 11:40 a.m. EDT on Oct. 13, 2022 to reproduce the new champion of the Sir Patrick Moore Reward forBest Newbie that was granted after the one-of-a-kind participant was considered disqualified.

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